Everything You Need to Know About Health Insurance

An insurance policy which covers the medical and surgical expenses of the insured is called a health insurance policy. Typically, insurers in India provide the following types of health insurance: Hospitalisation Policy: Only hospitalisation costs are covered; The individual bears other costs. Critical Illness Policy: A set of predetermined critical illnesses are specified in the […]

What is the Grace Period in Health Insurance Plans?

Most health insurance policies are valid for one year, and the policyholder is required to renew them for another year at the end of the policy period. To those, who fail to renew their mediclaim or health insurance policy in time, the health insurance companies give a second chance, known as a grace period for […]

What are The Benefits of Having Health Insurance?

With the rising instances of diseases and accidents, the demand for health insurance has shown significant growth. A health insurance plan can provide you with financial security in times of a medical emergency. Every individual has certain risks and uncertainties in life. The best way to tackle health risks is to purchase a health insurance […]

Types of health insurance

Types of Health Insurance Indemnity Plan:¬†Until about three decades ago, indemnity plan was the popular type of health insurance. In this case, a certain amount of the hospital expenses is to be paid by you, and the insurance provider will take care of the rest of the bill. You can choose which doctor to visit […]