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About Himark

Himark Insurance Group Limited is a leading insurance intermediary based in Hong Kong focused exclusively in providing insurance for individuals, families and corporations. We are fast, flexible, open and responsive to all your insurance needs. We use all of our resources, people, experience and courage to deliver outstanding results for all our clients regardless of their size, their insurance requirements or where they are in the world.

Why People Choose Himark Insurance

Easy & Human

You deserve unbiased advice. We answer all your questions, with amazing service all-year long

Trusted & Experts

We work for you and not the insurers. That's why our clients have trusted us for years.

Save Time & Money

We are your advisor: understanding your needs & budget. Comparing quotes from 25+ insurers.

Our Services

Find the right health insurance & life insurance
Save time & money with Alea!

Find the right insurance today

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our News