Out of 50 critical illnesses today, the three common illnesses are Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.

Critical Illness insurance is a protection to safeguard you and your family from the unfortunate events of death and critical illnesses. Nowadays, a greater number of people are at risk of chronic diseases due to heavy work pressure and unhealthy living habit.

Critical Illness may be used to:

  • Replace for any lost income
  • Pays the cost of treatment
  • Support the financial needs
  • Reduce your financial burden
  • Assist in your recovery any way you choose


How does a critical illness insurance policy integrate with your disability insurance?
A critical illness policy pays you regardless of your ability to return to work and is paid independent of your disability coverage.

How much coverage should you own?
Most of our clients mirror their critical illness lump sum payment to the amount of their annual income and/or tax liability

How long after I claim do I have to wait to get paid?
There is a 30-day waiting period.

What are the primary critical illness claims?
Cancer heart attack and stroke are the primary illnesses

Can your corporation own and pay for critical illness insurance ?
YES. Your corporate tax rate is lower than your personal tax rate so many of our incorporated clients have their policies owned and paid for by their corporations. If your policy corporate owned and you need to make a claim, the benefit will be received tax free by your corporation at the time of claim and can pay this out to you as a taxable dividend.