Life Insurance


At Himark, we constantly monitor changes to provide new and innovative solutions so that our clients can rest assured that they have the right insurance.

However, sometimes unfortunate events of death and critical illnesses may occur; in these circumstances, it is important that you have adequate protection to safeguard your family and yourself.

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Health Insurance


Life can be challenging enough for those staying outside their country; they shouldn’t be burdened with the additional worry of getting sick.

Himark Insurance is highly experienced in helping expats around the world find the best international health insurance coverage possible. With a strong background and vast experience in the insurance industry.

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Critical Illness


Out of 50 critical illnesses today, the three common illnesses are Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.

Critical Illness is a protection to safeguard you and your family from the unfortunate events of death and critical illnesses. Nowadays, more and more people are at risk of chronic diseases due to heavy work pressure and unhealthy living habit.

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