Health Insurance

Life can be challenging enough for those staying outside their country; they shouldn’t be burdened with the additional worry of getting sick.

Himark Insurance is highly experienced in helping expats around the world find the best international health insurance coverage possible. With a strong background and vast experience in the insurance industry, Himark has established itself as one of the outstanding insurance companies in Hong Kong.

We can provide you with the in-depth understanding you need for making an informed decision about all the options you may encounter.

Additionally, many of our global insurance brokers are expatriates themselves and have unique insights into many of the needs of individuals living and traveling overseas. This enables us to give you advice which is specific to your individual situation, and when coupled with our service commitment means that you will always get the best advice.

We have a range of coverage options available for individuals who are looking for comprehensive international health insurance protection. When you request a medical insurance quote from us, we will work with you to identify your long term healthcare objectives and concerns, providing coverage options in relation to those specific needs.

If you are interested in obtaining a high-quality international medical insurance plan, you should know that there are an abundance of options on offer. Many of the individual international health insurance policies we work with are customizable and can provide your choice of coverage benefits, which include:

  • In-patient Health Insurance
  • Out-patient Health Insurance
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Maternity Insurance
  • International Emergency Evacuation
  • Dental Health Insurance
  • Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Coverage

Health is your most valuable asset and health insurance protects you against risks and costs derived from illnesses and accidents. It is important to understand that the rising cost of medical care is a global phenomenon and obtaining health insurance outside of your home country has become a necessity in today’s society. This is because various uncertainties arise while living overseas and an International Health Insurance plan specifically designed for an expatriate family can provide the necessary protection.

Our expert international health insurance brokers will work with you to understand your family’s unique needs. From future plans about children to possible relocation back to your home country, our expert advisors will help you to find the family medical insurance policy which is right for you not just now, but also for decades to come.

Group Health insurance is a type of insurance in which a single contract covers an entire group of people. The policyholder is typically the employer or an entity, such as a labor organization, and the policy covers the employees and members of the group. As one of Hong Kong’s most-established insurance providers, Himark Insurance always strives to add value to the staff retention program by providing professional and efficient group employee benefit services – while at the same time controlling the insurance cost of your business. Himark Insurance is an expert health insurance brokerage, providing bespoke solutions to corporate risk management needs around the world.

Types of Health Insurance

The international health insurance coverage allows you the freedom and peace of mind to receive medical treatment in a hospital or clinic of your choice anywhere in the world within the geographical area you have chosen without any financial hassles.

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Overall Maximum Limit

International medical insurance normally have high limits of coverage between US$1 million and US$10 million per year that allow you to receive the best medical treatment available anywhere in the world regardless of the condition.

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Area of Geographical Coverage

International Health Insurance plans are divided into two areas of geographical coverage

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In-Patient Coverage

All international health insurance plans cover in-patient or hospitalization coverage. In most cases, depending upon which insurance policy you take, day-care surgeries or treatments that require a person to be admitted for even half a day may be covered within this plan.

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Out-Patient Coverage

Most international health insurance plans cover both in-patient and out-patient coverage. Given the uncertainty associated with expatriates living abroad, most expatriates choose insurance plans that cover both in-patient and out-patient treatments.

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A deductible, also known as excess, is the amount specified in the insurance policy that the insured is responsible to pay toward each claim which is deducted from the amount to be reimbursed.

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Waiting Periods

Insurance companies usually enforce a waiting period in order to prevent the policyholder from making large claims soon after the commencement of the policy.

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Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are those which can be managed but have no known cure and will persist over time. Examples of chronic conditions include: diabetes, asthma, arthritis or heart disease.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are defined as any injury or illness which is known to the individual or has manifested symptoms prior to the beginning of a policy. Insurance companies will inquire about your medical history at the time of application.

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Maternity coverage is typically a standard option on many expatriate medical insurance plans. The cost of having children in the modern world is considerable; add to this the proposition of having children overseas and the costs of pre- and post-natal care increase further.

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Dental insurance coverage is not always included in international health insurance plans provided by their companies.

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International health insurance plans will provide you and your family with the highest levels of healthcare protection available. However, it is important to consider the exclusions that are also set forth by each insurance provider, which means that the expenses of treatment will not be reimbursed.

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We only work with insurance companies that maintain sound claims processing procedures which ensure your claims are handled promptly. With years of experience, the team of Himark Insurance Group are here to assure fast and efficient handling of your claims.

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