About Himark

Our Values and Vision

“In the market today, there is no shortage of financial and insurance products.  What we provide is not just information, but impartial, independent advice.”


  • We are responsible for what we say and do, as well as for what we don’t.  We respect opinions and take the responsibility to provide every advice and information in utmost good faith.


Care & Integrity

  • We are conscious of the importance of people and their needs and continue to work ethically to protect our clients’ best interests.  Our actions are based upon a foundation of knowledge and we aim to provide excellence.



  • We have a strong desire for success and to personally develop our skills and experience.  We consider people’s health, life and their future of great importance and are therefore focused on achieving goals to propose and provide the best insurance solutions.
  • We review results whilst making efforts to continually improve our performance.



  • We have a resilient, focused and self disciplined attitude towards short term and long term projects and objectives.  We are determined to provide our clients with the BEST.



  • Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it .  We autograph our work with excellence and provide a total solution to our clients by giving them the support that they need.
  • Our main aim is to protect clients’ best interests with integrity and a professional attitude at all times.

“We go the extra mile to make a difference and invite you to our world where we promise you the best personalized service you can get.”

Our Mission

We maintain a strong bargaining power with our extensive portfolio and long-term relationships with numerous reputable international and local insurance providers to provide you all the information and details to select the right plans along with the most competitive terms and costs.

As innovators, our advice is complementary and value-added as we maintain knowledge of the latest product offerings in the market.

Our Passion

At Himark, we constantly monitor changes to provide new and innovative solutions so that our clients can rest assured that they have the right insurance.

With a strong background and vast experience in the insurance industry, Himark has established itself as one of the outstanding insurance companies in Hong Kong. Our strength has been built on a vision to be the premier provider of financial protection and wealth management services.

Our Company

We are an intermediary and insurance brokerage firm that provides affordable international insurance globally and provides the best financial planning solutions to fulfill needs at various stages of your life.

Comprising life, critical illness, medical insurance and other general insurance, our services are designed to provide complete customer satisfaction. Our aim is to serve our clients by sourcing our worldwide network to offer an insurance solution matching the needs of each individual, family or company.